Welcome to the world of Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things

Welcome to the secret gang. You are about to experience something different.

Join us on a curiosity voyage. A world of monster hunting and even stranger things. Rumour has it, the more you seek, the more you’ll find. There are secrets everywhere: unlock them. But be sure to arrive on time, the Upside Down waits for no one.

What happens on the night?

One night can change everything. We can promise you 3+ hours of secrets, surprises and stories. If you’ll take on a whole new life and become a resident of Hawkins for one night only? Rest assured, you may never look at Christmas lights the same again.

Will there be a screening?

Trust us, you don’t want to sit down for this one. It’ll be one wild ride with less viewing and more living. It’s happening all around you, just follow the lights.

How will this differ from past Secret Worlds?

Every Secret World is unique and although this is our first ever series event, the essence is no different. Take a breath, step into an alternate world and bear witness to supernatural things. Nothing will go back to the way it was before.

How does the matinee show differ from the evening show?

Young minds need moulding. But not with the profane! We take the care of young people seriously and our matinee shows will be wickedly exciting but may differ from the slightly more gory evenings in Hawkins.

Do I need to know/watch the series before I attend?

Our Secret Worlds are open for all to explore, however, the more you know about the series the more you will get out of the experience. We recommend catching up on the highlights of the series before you attend.

Which season is this based on?

You will open the door on Hawkins as we find it in Season 3. But prepare to go right back to where it all began. Some clues may still be lurking in the past.

Do I need to go in character?

You play a key role in unlocking Hawkins’s conspiracies. For each Secret World you become part of the very fabric of the show. Whether you decide to blend in or stand out, dressing for the occasion is essential. Ahead of the event, ticket holders will be given exclusive access to a secret web experience preparing you for the evening.